Twisted-in Brushes

Twisted-in brushes from WASAG are often used when standard products will not be sufficient. It is our mission to analyse the problem and to present a perfect solution. A large number of variations are possible. Just ask us to get an idea for a suitable product.


On our production machines we have many possibilities for an almost endless variability of twisted-in brushes. Lengths of some centimeters up to some meters. The following materials can be used:
- Twist-in wire in stainless or zinc coated quality
- Bristles: synthetic or natural fibers
- Diameter range: ø0.9 mm ... ø200 mm


For shape of the brushside-end we have some options available. The standard twist-in brush is equipped with a straight end on the brush-side.


Optional to the standard straight brushside-end we heve the closed end available. Due to the fact that the twist-in wire is bend around the bristles on the tip there is no sharp edge in this section. If the brush is having any frontside contact to a surface the risk of caused damages is reduced.


To reduce the contact of the brush tip to a minimum, we have the system with a fan-shaped edge availabele. With this option the very end of the brush is equiped with bristles. Therefore the contact to a frontsided surface will always be on the bristles and not on the wire. This system is only available for brushes with a smaller diameter.


A small selection of handles are available. Small round eyelet, larger eyelet, straight end and some more. Just let us know your idea and we present a cost efficient solution.